Traditional Liège Waffles

(Fair warning, these may very well be the best waffles you will ever eat!)

Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake with Bourbon and Coffee

This cake has the ultimate trifecta of flavors! Chocolate, bourbon and coffee all in ONE recipe? YES, please!

Morning Bread Pudding

This is the perfect recipe for any brunch. All the work for this dish (what little there is) is done the night before, and then you simply pop the dish in the oven the next morning.

Grilled Chicken w/ Brie & Baby Spinach Salad

If you need a quick and easy dinner to impress someone without much fuss, this should be a go-to. The flavors are complex, and there is really not much to it. Easy.

El huevo a la Diabla

This is a fun and easy twist on the traditional deviled egg recipe. A bit of tex-mex flavor added, and it's a party favorite!